All You Need To Know About Wicker Baskets

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Wicker baskets have been used for ages for various purposes. These baskets were used to carry all types of things in the past. Now, wicker baskets have taken over storage industry and can also be used for many other purposes. They are now used as an attractive decoration in our houses.

The structure

Often, wicker baskets are available on the market in rectangular shapes. But now, they are available as decorative baskets in oval and circular shapes too. These baskets are used by people for taking things to various destinations. Some may take them to the beach, to the grocery store and various other places depending upon the need.

Making of the basket

The traditional baskets are hand woven by the craftsmen. Initially, they were made using cane, willow, oak, etc. They might look brittle, but they are very strong and can hold heavy weights for a long duration of time.

Use in houses

It is one of the best storage places for family’s soiled clothing. All the laundry material can be put in this basket. You have a choice in various colours to select the best one for yourself. These are also available as a distinct hamper which has a two-end handle, making it easy for you to carry.

Storage for food

You can even use these baskets to carry food to a picnic. Whenever you plan on going out for a journey, this basket could be used to carry the eatables. It would come very handy.


So, today’s wicker baskets are available on the market at an affordable price and in different colors and variety of shapes. You can pick up the best one for yourself and make use of the infinite benefits of this type of beautiful basket.